How do you fill out a Money Gram money order?


Filling out a Money Gram money order is much like writing a personal check. The money order has fields for the recipient's name, the signature of the buyer and other information.

This type of money order should be filled out immediately after it is purchased. Fill in the "Pay to the Order of" line with the recipient's name. The address line should contain the sender's complete address, including city, state and ZIP code. For the money order to be valid, the sender must sign on the signature line. If a vendor requires an account number, write it above the address or next to the signature.

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How to Fill Out a Money Gram
Money can be sent all over the world in an instant thanks to improved technologies. A MoneyGram order allows money to be sent from family to friends, buyers to sellers, and for a variety of different reasons. MoneyGram International, Inc., is the... More »
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