What is Volcano?


A volcano happens when the magma inside the Earth is heated, making it less dense than the rock around it. The hot magma pushes it's way to the surface, erupting in a magnificent display of lava and ash deposits. Look here for more information:
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How to Make a Volcano
Making a volcano involves mixing active yeast, warm water, hydrogen peroxide, a bit of red food coloring and dish soap together into a small container to create a chemical reaction. Create a volcano, under parental supervision, with a demonstration from... More »
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Lassen Peak is considered by scientists to be a lava dome. It was formed by masses of lava that were too viscous to flow a great distance, and when it came time to errupt, it just
Most volcanoes form where a lot of earthquakes occur: on the edges of Earth's plates. Another popular place for volcanoes to occur is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, known as the
Volcanoes are the planet's way of letting off energy. Think of a bottle of soda, if you shake it and it's covered, there is no place for the gas to come out, so it will pop. The same
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If you plan on making a volcano you will need a small cardboard box, that is flat and not deep. Take an empty two liter bottle and tape it to the middle of the ...
To make a model volcano erupt you will need water, baking soda, vinegar, a tablespoon, paper cup and a tray. Fill your model volcano with 2 tablespoons of water ...
You can make a volcano erupt without vinegar by using cola and mentos. You can also make it erupt using salt and cola. However, the reaction is usually more violent ...
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