How Does Air Pollution Affect Plants?


Pollution affects plants by destroying them. Plants are damaged after pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, and peroxyacl nitrates enter into the leaf pores of plants. You can find more information here:
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Tropospheric ozone, or ground level ozone, is caused by chemicals from automobile exhaust interacting with sunlight. Ozone causes brown spots on the leaf and clogs its stomata, the
plants are affected by air condition and pollution because it makes rain turn into air.
That is a really complicated project and you'll probably want to focus the topic a little to make headway. Some background: Plants are definitely affected by air pollution, but they
You may find this interesting: earch/h.
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How Does Air Pollution Affect Plants?
Human industrial and commercial activity cause air pollution, and this can damage plants both in the short and long term. Although air pollution has decreased in most of the developed world due to strict regulations and controls designed to improve air... More »
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