How to Kill Insects With Borax.?


1. Mix borax with equal parts water and honey, jelly, or sugar. Stir the mixture in a paper cup with a Popsicle stick or plastic spoon, creating a paste. 2. Cut several small squares of waxed paper. Smear some of the mixture onto the waxed paper.
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Sevin dust actually kills just about any insect. It is very lethal but also quite effective in the control of any pest. The problem with the use of this product is that it also kills
1 Mix the sugar and borax. Ad
There are sites all over the internet advising on what to do about ants. Most of the information appears to be people repeating other people's anecdotes, with little hard evidence
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Borax is an excellent tool against small insects. The viability of Borax as a pest control agent comes from it's form; Borax, when powdered, retains extremely ...
Borax can be toxic to both humans and animals in large doses. It is often used as an insecticide to kill roaches and fleas since these insects are killed with ...
Borax is an effective mold-killing agent. To use it to kill mold, first you must determine where and how it will be used. Borax mixes well with water or vinegar, ...
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