How does Chris Angel do His Tricks?


Kris Angel is does say how he performs the tricks that he does. He claims he is magic which is why he is a magician. He performs tricks in front of people live as proof that it is true magic.
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His ongoing work ethic combined with enormous talent, skill and vision is what put Criss
All of his tricks are merely illusions. That is all. Source(s)….
Like any magician, Criss Angel never reveals how he does his tricks. Definitely makes you wonder.
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Criss Angel (real name Christopher Sarantakos) is a famous illusionist who performs mind blowing tricks that can often leave you scratching your head in confusion ...
Chris Angel is a renowned illusionist who performs magic. Although there are various sources that explain how he levitates, most of them are just theories or speculation ...
To do Criss Angel tricks it takes a lot of time, study, and practice. Some of his simple tricks are available in books but the more complex tricks take apprenticing ...
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