How Does Science Affect Our Everyday Lives?


Science is a tool that is used to understand our environment and help manage functions in the world. Science affects our everyday lives in many ways including technology. Scientific progress has brought us modern electricity, plastics, modern agriculture, and medicine. Cell phones, alarm clocks, clean water, predicting weather, and light are all results of science. Technology and science go hand in hand. We use science everyday without thinking about it when we use cars, computers, and shower.
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When a crime occurs, scientists use the branch of physical science called Forensics to help solve the crime. Forensic science helps police officials recognize fingerprints, match
We use light, electricity and watch T.v. We live in a technology advanced world and we take things for granted. Almost everything we have is because of science, But now we are being
Without science we could not have technologies to our lives ,thanks to science we can cook, we can learn because of the t.v. they created.Science made a lot help to us, That's why
There is no animal, other than the human, that deprives itself of sleep. We can't adapt to sleeping too little because it's not part of our biology.
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