How Does Temperature Affect Seed Germination?


Seed germination depends on the temperature for the plant to sprout. Temperature affects seed germination in several ways including if the plant will spout and how long it will take the plant to come through the soil surface. If the soil temperature is too cold, it can delay germination or even stop it. Cooler soil temperatures can cause the seed to rot because of the moisture surrounding them. If the temperature is too hot, seeds will not grow because of moisture loss.
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Soil temperature, rather than air, determines whether bean seeds will emerge from dormancy. Fluctuating day and night air temperatures, particularly in northern climates in the spring
nm.i think yes.cuz u dat in access amount of water, a plant DOESN'T GROW! so i think its the same here. hope this helps :
Salinity can affect germination of seeds either by creating osmotic potential which prevent water uptake, or by toxic effects of ions on embryo viability. Salt kills germinating seedlings
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