How does a house get condemned?


Investopedia defines condemnation as the seizure of property by public authorities for public purposes. It is common for condemnations to take place when taxpayers own property or real estate on a location that has been designated for new construction or use by the public. Condemned properties must first be appraised. The appraisal value is then offered to the owner as an award, which is known as a pro tanto award.

According to New Jersey condemnation attorneys Carlin and Ward, before a property is condemned, the government or authorities responsible for the condemnation must follow specific procedures that include giving proper notice and providing relocation assistance to the property owners. New Jersey law states that private property cannot be acquired for public use without just compensation first made to the property owners.

The Kalamazoo County Government Environmental Health Division explains that properties suspected of illegal methamphetamine activity can be condemned if it is determined that the properties are unsafe for human habitation. Condemnation placards are posted on the properties and entrance is forbidden until the properties are deemed safe. Once a condemnation sign is posted on a methamphetamine-contaminated property, individuals can only enter the site with written permission from the Environmental Health Division.

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