How to Connect a TV Antenna and Cable to a Television.?


1. Unplug your television and turn the set around so the back of the set is facing you. 2. Disconnect the antenna or cable connection from the television's “VHF,” “Antenna In” or similarly worded port if it is connected. 3. Examine your splitter and
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How Does a TV Antenna Work?
The antenna is made up of a central piece of metal, or boom, crisscrossed by a series of metal rods. The boom contains receptors, or elements, designed to pick up TV signals, with two rods assigned to each. These rods receive the TV signal sent from TV... More »
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TV antennas work by getting signals from the air waves. An antenna is part of a receiver which can receive and process signals to turn them back into the image ...
A television antenna works with the inclusion of several receptors inside a metal shaft. The receptors pick up signals and deliver them to the television connected ...
The TV antenna works by picking up either uhf or vhf signals and transmitting that via wire to your TV. Because distance and weather can affect the signal, the ...
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