How to Use a ZIP Drive?


Using a zip drive is simple! After connecting it to your computer, put in a disk, copy the files (right click copy) you want to put onto the disk, then paste them into the zip drive window. Viola!
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How Does a Zip Drive Work?
A zip drive is a portable storage system that is used to transport files from one computer to another. You slip it into a computer port, copy the files, remove the drive and slip it into another computer port. Because the drive is removable, the... More »
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1. Buy a 100-MB Zip drive if you need less than 1 GB of storage capacity; otherwise, choose a 250-MB Zip drive. 2. Look for an internal Zip drive if you need limited storage capability
Nothing. Zip drives are storage devices.
A zip drive is a storage unit for computer files. You can back-up important information, or
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A zip drive uses a mixture of read and write technology. Information on the zip drive can be read by the computer. Files can also be written to the storage device ...
Zip drives, or flash drives, or from drugs, or whatever you want to call it, works by plugging it into the USB port on the computer. The computer is able to read ...
A zip drive is a small portable disk drive that is used for backing up, storing and archiving computer files. It is good to have a zip drive to back up stuff that ...
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