How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump?


Kangaroos are marsupials because the mother carries the baby known as a joey, in a pouch. On average a kangaroo can jump a length of 25 to 30 feet. They can also jump about 9 feet high.
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3m or so.
Speed is distance over time, so distance is speed times time. 2 minutes is 2/60 of an hour which is 1/30 hour, so the distance is: 15 mi/h * (1/30 hours) = 15/30 = 1/2 mile.
The maximum jumping distance of the Red Kangaroo ( in full flight) has been measured at 13.5 meters.
The longest a kangaroo hop has ever been recorded is 40 feet. Most kangaroos
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One hop can carry a kangaroo three or four times its own length. The longest hop recorded is 43 feet (13.1 meters).
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