How Far Did Jesus Carry the Cross?


There is no exact way to know how far Jesus carried the cross. Scholars have been trying to figure this out for many years. Some do believe that he carried the cross an estimated .5 miles. There was no exact directions given in bible. The only thing known is he carried the cross the path that the crow flew. In that time period, the city of Jerusalem was an estimated 0.6 miles from wall to wall in the direction of East to West.
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While there is a question to the exact location of Golgotha, some scholars believe it was .5 miles. It is also a question ar to the location of Jesus start on the journey to Calvary
Jesus carried the cross an estimated total distance of 650 yards or 594.36
There are 14 points to the Stations of the Cross which you can walk, in the HOLY land . . Jesus is condemned to death. Jesus receives the cross. Jesus falls the first time. Jesus
Hi. About the cross is not to much to tell, but I will tell you what I know. The word cross is from the Grieg meanings STAUROS. The cross consiting in 21/2 m long vertical . it was
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