How Far is Earth from Sun?


On average, the earth is 150 million kilometers. The distance changes with Earth's orbit. At the closest point, Earth is 147 million kilometers from the sun and at the farthest point the Earth is 152 million kilometers from the sun.
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The earth is 93 million miles or nearly 150 kilometers from the sun.
The sun is approximately 1 astronomical unit (AU), or 149,597,870.7 kilometers (92,955,807.3 mi) away from the Earth. Embed
The average distance from the Earth to the Sun is 150 million km. Keep in mind that
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The average distance (the mean distance) between the Earth and the Sun is about 150 million kilometres (93 million miles). The average distance from the Earth ...
Like most planets in the Solar System, Earth has an elliptical orbit and its distance from the sun changes. At its closest point, Earth is 91 million miles away ...
The Earth, estimated to be 4.5 billion year old, is 91.52 million miles away from the sun. It's the third planet from the sun after Mercury and Venus. ...
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