How fast does water evaporate?


The evaporation of water depends on many factors such as humidity, temperature, the surface that the water is on and the air over the water. This is why when you spray tends to dry faster its on a larger area, you will also notice when it is windy
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Different gases evaporate at different rates as some are heavier and more dense than
The Simple Answer Water evaporates from the surface of the Earth at an average rate of 1/8 inch per day, according to Scientists measure the change in the depth
Petrol or gasoline is made from the lighter parts of crude oil, and is simply more volatile than kerosene or diesel, because the molecules are smaller. In some countries including
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Temperature does effect how fast something will evaporate. Evaporation is when a liquid becomes a gas. Water when it is heated will begin to evaporate. Heat from ...
Water rising into the air and changing into a gas is the process called evaporation. This is caused by high temperature, high wind and low humidity. You can find ...
Evaporation is when a liquid turns to a gas with the use of heat. When you boil water on the stove there will be less water after boiling because some of the ...
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