How Fast Does Grass Grow?


How fast grass grows will often depend on the weather and the type of grass it is. In the south during the winter the grass will go down from being cut every week to maybe every few weeks. Grass needs heat and water to grow, and drought often happens in the winter and spring months in the south. When rain or hurricane season hits the grass will grow dramatically sometimes requiring the grass be cut sometimes twice a week. The average growth rate of grass is between 2-6 inches per week.
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History The growth rate of grass didn't matter much to people until the Middle Ages when open areas, called "commons," were used to graze the community's sheep and cows.
If you grow yours at 7:00pm and wait till the next after noon, you will see tiny bits of grass coming out.
In a week, grass may grow 2-6 inches, depending on factors such as temperature,
The terms used to describe this are indolent and aggressive. Indolent lymphoma is cancer where the cells are slow growing, which generally leads to a more optimistic prognosis. Aggressive
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How Fast Does Grass Grow?
Grass can grow fast in the fall and spring when the weather is not too cold or too warm. Use quality compost and water grass frequently to get grass to grow quickly with advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on plants and gardens.... More »
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