How Fast Does a Helicopter Fly?


How fast a helicopter can fly may depend on the type of helicopter. The average helicopter can fly anywhere between 200-350 miles per hour. On average a full tank of gas can get a helicopter about 600 miles away from its starting point. They are a much louder choice of transportation than an airplane but for shorter distances or sight seeing they can be a great alternative. Many major cities sell helicopter tours for tourists or as a romantic night flight for those trying to impress.
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1. Turn on the transmitter and the helicopter, then place the aircraft on a level, wide-open space. The transmitter's power switch is in the center of the device, while the helicopter
Most typical helicopters can only go about 150mph or maybe a little faster.
move the cyclic control the direction you want to move.
1. Learn to fly helicopters on a good remote control flying simulator. These computer programs, although a simulation of real flying, can train you to deal with emergencies. They
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