How Fast Does a Helicopter Fly?


How fast a helicopter can fly may depend on the type of helicopter. The average helicopter can fly anywhere between 200-350 miles per hour. On average a full tank of gas can get a helicopter about 600 miles away from its starting point. They are a much louder choice of transportation than an airplane but for shorter distances or sight seeing they can be a great alternative. Many major cities sell helicopter tours for tourists or as a romantic night flight for those trying to impress.
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Answer A helicopter is able to fly because of the effect of the main rotor. The main rotor is the blade set on the top of the craft, and it is driven by the engine (piston, jet turbine
The average speeds for helicopters used by most police departments vary from
Average helicopter speed is 90-105 miles per hour. Would need to know distance of trip, not time to answer your question. Source(s)
The average helicopter flies at
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