How Have Computers Changed Society?


Computers have revolutionized how society conducts various activities and made activities that seemed impossible possible. The society can access a large pool of information from the internet and communication and exchange of ideas has been made easier and faster by computers. These days, almost every aspect of life has been affected since the advent of computers.
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They help law enforcement, we now have better record keeping, we can communicate with people around the world and many, many other things.
Spreadsheets may be the No.1 benefit of using computers in accounting. Accountants can do a number of activities using just a spreadsheet. Creating ledgers, journals, reports, financial
Every single technological revolution has been preceded by an agricultural one. Cities did not exist until the invention of agriculture. Industrialization of Britain required adoption
1. Right-click on any area of your desktop and select "Personalize" to launch the personalization panel. 2. Click on the "Change Desktop Icons" option to launch
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There are many advantages of computers in the society. This is a very effective means of communication and it makes it easier and more cost and time efficient for people to communicate and conduct businesses and other transactions. It also helps people to bridge the gap, and enable people to keep in touch despite being far from each other.
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