How hot is Egypt now?


Egypt is a very big country so the temperature differs, lets take their capital Caïro for example in this question: The current weather conditions in Caïro are: Clear, 29°C/84.2°F.
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Current weather in Cairo, Egypt
82º/64º 28º/18º
90º/64º 32º/18º
88º/64º 31º/18º
81º/59º 27º/15º
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Coastal regions typically range from about 57° F - 86° F. In the inland desert regions,
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The weather in Egypt in December is very good and the average temperature for this month is 15.5 °C. The annual average temperature in this country is 22.0 ...
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very hot you wouldn't believe it also they can have their days basically on some days it can go a bit milder. by thomsons. ...
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