How Is Basalt Formed?


Basalt is formed when melted lava released during volcanic eruptions cools and hardens. Basalt has a plain, gray, non-glassy appearance.
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The rock basalt forms from the cooling and solidification of basaltic magma which is relatively high in iron and magnesium and relatively low in aluminum and silica when compared
Vesicular basalts are essentially intermediate lithology between basalts and
lava flows sometimes cool rapidly. When this happens, the rock solidifies and contracts. When it contracts as it solidifies, it leaves gaps in the rock which are often hexagonal in
1. Note the rock's color. Basalt appears black or grayish-black, sometimes with a greenish or reddish crust. 2. Feel its texture. Basalt consists of a fine and even-grain. The dense
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Basalt is formation of volcanic rock. The color of the basalt is grey and black with a grainy texture. The properties of the rock are composed of plagioclase, proxene and olivine.
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