How Is a Star Born?


A star is born after cosmic gasses collect in enough mass that the gravitational forces push the atoms together. After millions and millions of years and after gathering billions and billions of tons of mass, the gravity gets so strong that fusion occurs and this release of energy creates a new star. You can find more information here:
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Stars are created from dust clouds. When the cloud becomes agitated, it creates a mass of gas and dust. Because of the turbulence, the mass will collapse under its gravitational force
Stars are made up of gas and dust, and stars come together when an event in the universe creates a center of gravity that draws up all the matter into a star.
Stars are born when clouds of gas collapse due to gravity. If there is enough mass, the force of gravity will cause hydrogen atoms to fuse into helium atoms. In the process, energy
Stars are born within giant gas clouds. Dust swirls deep into the gas clouds. This forms pockets
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Stars are formed when clouds of gas, predominantly hydrogen and helium, and dust begin to condense due to gravity. The collapsing cloud forms a large, hot core that develops into a star.
Stars appear or are born when the atoms of a lights element are put under pressure for their nuclei to undergo fusion. You can find out more information about stars on the website called, ScientificAmerican. You can find more information here:
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