What is the gestation period for mollies?


The gestation period for mollies is generally about 4 weeks. Mollies are livebearers and can sometimes carry their babies longer than average.

Many people are dismayed to learn how many babies the molly can produce. It is not uncommon for this species to become pregnant shortly after giving birth. Mollies can give birth to more than 60 babies at one time and remain fertile for up to 3 months after delivery.

Female mollies can be differentiated from males by the shape and size of their anal fins. The male's fins will be slightly smaller and more elongated than the female's. To prevent babies, it's important to separate the sexes.

To raise the baby mollies, separate them from the parents shortly after birth. The parents will eat the fry if given a chance. A breeding tank or net should be used in this case.

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Mollies breed using internal fertilization. The male molly inseminates the eggs while they are inside the female. She carries the eggs inside her until the fry, or newborn fish, are
50 to 70 days
Molly fish are pregnant for 3 to 4 weeks, and have 10 to 20 fry (babies) .
Depending on what type of Molly you have it can take from 20-80 for the Gestational Period. Black Mollies give birth to 20-60 fry, time between mating and birth, 40-70 days. Sailfin
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