How do Penguins Breathe?


Penguins breathe Oxygen through lungs. They can hold their breath for incredible amounts of time underwater while they hunt for fish as food.
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2.3 hours.
An Emperor Penguin can hold its breath anywhere up to 20 minutes, and dive
Penguins need to dive under water in order catch their food in the ocean. However, penguins need oxygen to breathe under water. For most species of penguins, the average underwater
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Penguins breathe air through their lungs. They cannot breathe underwater. They can, however hold their breath for long periods of time during dives. The smaller ...
Every individual is different and the length of time someone can hold their breath is different for a variety of reasons. Someone who smokes tobacco will have ...
Penguins can breathe under water because their lungs can hold much oxygen, so they hold their breath while diving under water. Penguins are a group of aquatic ...
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