How Long Did It Take to Build a Pyramid?


It took about twenty years for each of the Egyptian pyramids to be built. The great pyramid in Giza for instance which is the oldest and largest of the three took exactly 20 years. Its construction ended in 2,560 BC and it involved 100,000 men.
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Opinions differ between 17 and 10 years 7 months depending on how the quarry marks are read.
It took an avg. pharaoh's lifetime (about 30 yrs) to build a pyramid & about 2,300,000
No one really knows exactly how but there are many theories.
Since no one else has been willing to touch this question, I may as well. To begin with, we have to start with a couple rather HUGE suppositions: Aliens exist (we have no evidence
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From start to finish, the building of an Egyptian pyramid could take many decades.
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