How long did the Gettysburg Address last?


Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address in under 2 minutes. It contained just 272 words. The speech honored the soldiers who died at the battle and called for renewed dedication to winning the Civil War and restoring the Union.

Although the Northern army won the 3-day-long battle at Gettysburg, there were over 20,000 casualties on each side. Months later, a national cemetery was dedicated at the site of the battle. Both President Lincoln and Edward Everett, former senator, secretary of state and president of Harvard, were invited to give speeches. Everett's speech lasted 2 hours. Lincoln's presentation was generally reviewed along the party lines of the era. Republicans loved it, while Democrats found it insufficient for its important purpose.

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the speech lasted 2 minutes.
Edward Everett was actually the main orator at the Gettysburg Addresss,
it was 3 days long it was on July 1,2,3 1863
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