How Long Do Baby Birds Stay in the Nest?


The length of time a baby bird stays in the nest varies on each type of bird actually. Like the bald eagle stays for 84 days, the house sparrow stays for 12 days and so on. Some type of baby birds leave the nest as soon as their wings are dried. You can find more information here:
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How Long Do Baby Birds Stay in the Nest?
Birds that are precocial-meaning that when they hatch their eyes are open, they have down feathers, and are immediately mobile-will leave the nest within a few hours, up to two days. Examples are ducks, turkeys, and quail. These type birds usually nest... More »
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How long a baby bird takes to leave the nest depends on its species. Some, such as ducklings, leave the nest within 2 days. Eagles, on the other hand, take 2 to ...
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