How long does it take for Uranus to rotate on its axis?


Uranus is a planet that is the third biggest in the solar system, and it is about four times bigger than the planet Earth. It is also the seventh planet from the sun. It takes 17 hours and 14 minutes for Uranus to complete a full rotation on its axis. It takes a much longer time for the planet Uranus to rotate around the sun. In fact, it takes over 84 years for this planet, which was discovered in 1690, to completely orbit around the sun.
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17.24 earth hours
about 24 hours.
23 hours, 56 minutes is required for the Earth to rotate 360 degrees. So why is a "day" 24 hours exactly? Because in the 23 hours and 56 minutes that it takes the Earth
the moon takes 28 days to retate on its own axis.
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