How Long do Hamsters Stay Pregnant?


Hamsters are rodents that belong to a subfamily called Cricetinae and there are about 24 different species. Breeding season is from April to October. There could be two to five litters of 1 to 13 young being born after being pregnant for 16 to 23
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According to, teddy bear hamsters begin to show outward signs of pregnancy when they are about 10 days into gestation. Before they give birth, female teddy bear hamsters
From research Ive done a Syrians hamster stays pregnant for about 16-18 days but dwarfs stay pregnant for about 19-21 days if u keep a chart u should know when she will be giving
Around 21 days. Thanks for using ChaCha!
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Hamsters usually stay pregnant from 15 to 18 days. Their average litter is about 7 pups and she weans them for about 21 days. ...
A hamster is pregnant for about for sixteen to eighteen days. She will give birth to a litter of about seven babies. She will wean her babies by about 21 days ...
The gestation period for hamsters can vary for each species. This period ranges from 16 days to 30 days. The hamsters gestation period is from the day mating ...
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