How long before a check expires?


According to Forbes, a bank is not obligated to pay a check that is more than six months old. After the initial period it is to the discretion of the bank whether to honor the check or not.

This six-month period is part of the Uniform Commercial Code in the United States. According to Wikipedia, this code was established in 1952 to harmonize all commercial sales and transactions. According to Cornell University Law School, only certified checks are not subject to this time period. In addition, a bank may charge a customer's account for a payment made thereafter in good faith.

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Personal checks do not expire; however, they do become what is known as "stale dated. A check becomes stale dated six months after it was written. Banks have the option of refusing
A check is can be denied after six months, however most banks will honor
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How Long Before a Personal Check Expires?
From time to time, people may misplace or forget about a personal check that was written to them to pay for goods or services. When the check is discovered, questions can arise about whether or not the check has expired.... More »
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