How to Hook an Amp to Car Battery.?


1. Disconnect your car battery. Disconnect the negative terminal first to prevent surges and sparks. 2. Find a hole in the heat shield of your car. If you cannot find a pre-drilled hole that works for you, use a metal bit and drill a hole just large
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Depends on the battery. They are not all the same. It depends on the battery , a BCI group size 65 battery is rated at 650. cold cranking amps.
The first thing to do is find the exact location where to install the car amp. Connect the speakers, the tuner and the power supply. In doing this you must be very particular with
Need to know how to charge a car battery? Charging a car battery isn't tricky if you've got a good battery charger and a safe place to perform the task. You'll want to make safety
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A fully charged car battery of 12 volt produces about 600-900 A. These batteries are used to Crank the starter and control the small electrical component of car. ...
How many amps you need your car battery to output depends on the weather! Car batteries can put out anywhere from 400 to 1000 amps. The colder the weather the ...
A small car battery has 45 amps. Be careful when transporting charged batteries and hooking them up. A battery that has been installed incorrectly and short ...
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