How Many Amps Does a Microwave Use?


Proper use of a microwave increases its efficiency. How many amps microwaves will use does vary based on the make, model, and the location. To determine the amps, you will need to take the watts and divide it by the volts. A microwave will typically have the power in watts located somewhere on the appliance. In the United States, voltage is typically approximately 120. So, for a microwave with a wattage of 1200 it is expected that it should deliver about 10 amps.
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How a microwave works is by using a transformer to increase the voltage from 115 to almost 3000 volts. The amount of amps a microwave uses ranges from 5-20 amps. You can find more information at
The amount of current in amps that a microwave uses depends on its power rating in watts. An average microwave is about 1000 watts, which at 120 volts AC, would require about 8 amps.
Typical microwaves will draw about 14.4 amps. They should have a 20 amp dedicated circuit in the kitchen. A standard coffee maker draws about 8 amps.
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