How many calories does the average person burn in a day?


An average person burns 1,600 to 2,500 calories in a day. According to Everyday Health, men burn between 1,900 and 2,500 calories per day, while women burn between 1,600 and 2,000 calories per day.

Besides the gender-based discrepancies, other factors that determine the amount of calories burned are size, age and the level of activity. More physically active people burn more calories than those who lead more sedentary lives. When involved in outdoor activities, heavier people, younger people and those with more muscle burn more calories, according to WebMD. Shoveling snow or heavy yard work burns 400 to 600 calories per hour, while less strenuous activities, such as pulling weeds or planting flowers, burn 200 to 400 calories per hour. Major housecleaning chores, such as washing windows and turning mattresses, burn 175 to 250 calories per hour, while light housecleaning activities, such as dusting and taking out the trash, burn 120 to 170 calories per hour.

A study published in Obesity Research in 2005 indicates that obese people can burn more calories by walking slowly as opposed to walking briskly, according to WebMD. The study, which observed men and women who were either obese or of a normal weight on treadmills and sidewalks, found that obese people burned more calories than the normal-weight people involved in the same exercises at the same pace.

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The amount of calories a person burns per day varies
It really depends on your weight and how fast you run the mile. Say the average person is 150 lbs and runs at a average of 6.0 mph then it is approximately 115 calories.
Not Medical Advice: The average man burns 2,000 calories, while the average female burns 1,600 calories per day. It depends on how athletic the person is. More?
they take in 1600 i think
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