How many cubic meters are in a 40-foot container?


To find the answer to the question of how many cubic meters there are in a 40 foot container, one must do some simple math. For example, there are 67.11 cubic meters in a forty foot container. The reasoning behind this is that the length is 12.051 meters and the width is 2.340 meters and the height is 2.380 meters. If you multiply the length times the width times the height, you will receive a sum of 67.11 cubic meters.
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67.11 cubic meters. The reasoning is: Length: 12.051m. Width: 2.340m. Height: 2.380m. 12.051 x 2.340 x 2.380. = 67.11 cubic meters. Drop roughly 5 cubic meters to be safe with your
1 cubic foot is equal to 0.02832 cubic meters. Thanks for using ChaCha!
about .3 squared
1 tonne is 1000 kg. 5 tonnes is 5000 kg. 1 litre of water is 1 kg. So 5 tonnes of water is 5000 litres. 1 cubic metre is 1000 litres. So 5 tonnes of water is 5 cubic metres. Tonnes
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