How many cups are there in a half gallon?


There are 8 cups in half of one U.S. gallon. This means that a half gallon is also equivalent to 2 quarts. In the U.S., milk and other liquids are often sold in standard half-gallon or gallon jugs.

Another gallon measurement is the dry gallon, which is used mostly in America. One dry gallon equals around 1.16 U.S. gallons, and therefore a half of a dry gallon equals around 9.3 cups.

The British have a measurement called the imperial gallon, which is quite different from the American gallon. One imperial gallon equals roughly 1.20 U.S. gallons, and therefore one-half of an imperial gallon equals about 9.6 U.S. cups.

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0.12 half gallon.
There are 8 cups in one half gallon. There are 16 cups in a gallon. ChaCha again
There are 16 cups in one gallon, so, divided in half, there would be 8 total cups in one gallon!
Basically depends how big a cup we are talking about. If its any help,half a gallon is 4 pints.
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One half gallon is equal to 8 cups.
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