How Many Kinds of Dolphins Are There?


There are 45 kinds of dolphins. This number includes twenty-six ocean dolphins as well as river dolphins. The most common kind of dolphin are the Bottlenose dolphins. You can find more information here:
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Locations. Dolphin species are often characterized by where they are found. For example the Atlantic white-sided dolphin, Atlantic hump-backed dolphin and Atlantic spotted dolphin
there is about 33 kinds of dolphins.
There are 32 species of oceanic dolphins (Delphinidae family) and six porpoise
There's 32 saltwater: 1) the Bottlenose dolphin, 2) the Killer Whale, 3) the Common dolphin, 4) the False Killer Whale, 5) the Hector's dolphin, 6) the Short-Finned Pilot Whale, 7
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There are nearly 40 species of dolphin, including the bottlenose dolphin and the Chinese white dolphin.
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