How Many Laps around a Football Field Equal a Mile?


It takes an average of four laps around a football field to equal a mile. Four laps equals a mile around most high school football fields, but the lap count around a college field could vary slightly. Running around a football field is a good and easy way for a runner to track exactly how many miles they are running. Runners can also use a device called a pedometer to easily track and calculate running distance.
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Answer: Considering there is a track around the field, 4. Otherwise 4.5 - 5
Each lap around a football field is a quarter mile. 26 laps would be
No it's four laps. Source(s) Im a runner.
One lap is about 500 feet, 5280 feet per mile, so about 10.56 laps around the rink is a mile. Wow!
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