How many mL are there in a pound?


There is no exact conversion for how many milliliters or ML are in a pound, as milliliters measure volume and pounds measure weight. Different things may have different weights, but still have the same volume, or take up the same amount of space. Milliliters are part of the metric system of measurements that is found in most of the world. A pound is from a version of the imperial measurement system that originated in the United Kingdom in the 19th century, but it now mainly used in the United States.
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That depends on the substance..... That depends on the substance..... ... millileteres, (ml) is a fluid volume (displacement, or size amount), whereas a pound is mass (weight). So
That depends on the substance millileteres, (ml) is a fluid volume (displacement, or size
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A millilitre is a unit of capacity. A milliigram is a unit of mass. Without some unit of density to convert, the two units are therefore incompatible.
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Conversion from pounds to milliliters is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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