How many miles is Pluto from Earth?


Pluto, now classified as a dwarf planet, is 3.029 billion miles from the Earth. Pluto has one very large moon named Charon and two smaller moons that were discovered in 2005.
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The closest Pluto gets to Earth, when Earth is directly between Pluto and the sun and Pluto is at its perihelion, is about 2.66 billion miles.
Pluto can be as close to the sun as 30 AU and as far away as 50 AU. This is
Pluto is currently 2,955,819,000 miles from earth (4,754,7 36,800 in km). Charon is its largest moon!
The closest distance between the Earth and Pluto occurs when Earth is at its most distant from the Sun, and Pluto is at its closest. And the Sun, Earth and Pluto are lined up in a
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