How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?


Most adult dogs will have 42 teeth. There can be some variance depending on the breed of dog. Puppies lose their milk teeth (baby teeth) beginning around four months of age.
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Adult dogs have 20 teeth in their upper jaw and 22 in the lower one.
Dogs have 42 teeth in their mouth when they reach adulthood. They have three incisors in the upper right and left quadrants and three incisors in the lower right and left quadrants. Dogs have one canine tooth in each of the four different quadrants. Dogs have four premolars in each of the four quadrants. Dogs have three molars in the right and left lower quadrants and two molars in the right and left upper quadrants.
As far as I know, dogs have 42 teeth total. They have 6 upper incisors, 6 lower, 2 upper canine, 2 lower, 8 upper promolar, 8 lower, 4 upper molar and 6 lower. Keeping your dogs teeth cleaned is important, they have dog tooth brushes or bones made to clean the teeth while they chew.
Dogs start off with about 28 teeth when they are born, and they eventually grow up to 42 teeth. Dogs, like humans, are always at risk for dental disease.
Dogs have more teeth than humans. The number varies according to dog breed. The average number ot teeth in an adult dog is around 42 teeth. You can find more information at
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