How many words are in an average chapter of a book?


This totally depends on the author - a chapter is however long they feel like making it! Most chapters are. around. 5,000 words long, though many are much shorter or longer. You write until you've reached a good point to stop, not until you reach X
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It depends completely on the book and the editor. Some editors prefer longer chapters; some prefer shorter. Some topics lend themselves to short (1,000 or 2,000 word) chapters; others
Whilst it is all choice, I have to try some math here: One hundred thousand words per average novel (100,000) Thirty chapters, average (30) 100,000/30 = 3333 average words per chapter
There's no such definition. . gabrielhusseinnova. 24 months ago.
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The amount of words in a chapter is no rule to that, but there are about twenty pages average in each chapter. You normally write your chapters in phases. ...
The median length of all books, according to Amazonâ€â&dbquo;¢s great Text Stats feature ...
There are approximately 1.1 million words in the Harry Potter books. This is an approximation from the aspect that novels averagely contain about 250 words per ...
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