How much does it cost to fix an oil leak?


Depending upon the specific vehicle and repair in mention, the cost to repair an oil leak can be anywhere from $100 to $1000. There can be many reasons for an oil leak. The most common cause is a degraded oil-pan gasket.

The first step to identifying the price of a repair is to assess where the actual leak is coming from. If old, burnt oil is slowly leeching from the top side of an engine, the vehicle probably needs a new head gasket. If oil is dripping from the oil pan that is attached to the underside of the vehicle, a new oil-pan gasket should be installed. The gaskets are cheap, anywhere from $10 to $75, but the labor can be expensive.

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Depends on where the leak is and how much you are willing to spend. Best thing is to take it to a reputable shop and get a written estimate on what needs to be fixed.
Is this really worth saving a few dollars? Buying the oil and filter to install yourself sounds like an easy way to save a few bucks, but are you prepared? Few of us have car-lifts
A high pressure situation in the crank case could be causing your leak. Likely its the cam bearing over or head gasket check around online for a vehicle recall if not it could cost
It should cost around 500 bucks to fix an
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