How Much does It Cost to Install Cruise Control?


Cruise control benefits drivers, that spend lots of time on the open highway driving at high speeds, otherwise having it is not worth the money. The cost to install it is well over $200.00. You can find out more information here:
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According to the local Kia dealership, a 2007 Spectra cruise installation costs $700. I'm looking elsewhere.
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Installing cruise control will cost you anywhere
i think that your car already has cruise control but you dont no where it is. you should read your owners manual it usually some where around ur steering wheel. GOOD LUCK.
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For anyone trying to figure out how much it can cost to install cruise control into their car, the answer varies based on both the make and model of the car. On average, the cost of the cruise control unit itself plus the labor required to perform the installation costs between $500 and $800, but this can vary quite a bit as the cost of both does depend on how difficult the unit is to place inside the vehicle.
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