How Much Does a Hard Boiled Egg Weigh?


To determine how much a hard boiled egg may weigh, it is dependant upon what size egg you start with, and what type of egg it is. However, the average large-sized egg weights 57 grams when the shell is on. It weighs 50 grams when the shell is removed. Since the state of the egg changes, but the mass stays the same, most eggs will weigh about the same no matter if they are hard boiled or not. However, if water seeps into them, this can make them heavier.
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Around 577 mg per egg.
One hard boiled egg contains 17 grams of protein and has 211 calories. It
Weight of eggs vary on their sizes. A Jumbo Egg weigh 30 ounces per
An egg takes 12-15 minutest to hard-boil. It doesn't matter how many of them are in the pot so long as the pot is big enough to contain enough water to cover them all.
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