How Much Does a Trombone Cost?


A trombone is a type of musical instrument belonging to the brass family and was first made in the 15th century in Europe. The trombone is similar to a trumpet and is used in many different genres of music including blues, rock, and classical. The trombone is well known for its slide, which helps lower the pitch of a note that is being played. As of 2013, a trombone can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on quality and condition of the trombone.
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The cost of a new trombone varies by hundreds of dollars depending on the quality and brand. Often, the cheapest trombones are not worth the money because of the low quality. You can find more information here:
The average trombone costs about $1, 500. However, they do range significantly in price and can be purchased for as little as $100 and upwards of $100, 000.
In order to give you a correct assessment of how much a trombone costs I will ahve to know what type of trombone you are looking for. Some cost more than others.
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