How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat?


A horse eats between 2-3.5% of its body weight each day in hay. They eat about 20 to 35 pounds of hay each day. Less active horses can eat about 15 pounds per day to get by. You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Much Hay Does a Horse Eat"
The amount of hay to feed your horse every day will vary slightly depending on his size and activity level. A working horse, a horse who is exercised for more than 4 hours a day,
A full-grown horse should eat roughly 12-15 pounds of hay a day. Metabolism,
The best eating schedule for a horse is to have grass or good quality grass hay for them to nibble on throughout the day. Due to their small stomachs in comparison to their bodies
This will depend on the type of warmblood, the breeding and how much training the horse has. But typically they will cost $10,000 and up.
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