How Much Is 1 Gram of Silver Worth?


Silver, just like gold, oil and other things is a commodity. As a result the worth of silver fluctuates on a daily basis to. So in order to find out how much a gram of silver is worth you are going to need to check to see what the prices are for the day. Here is a place that you can check that will give you not only the prices of silver, but for gold and platinum also. You can find more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Much Is 1 Gram of Silver Worth"
As of January 03, 2010 one gram of silver is worth appx. $0.54 (fifty-four cents).
Silver is currently bidding at $10.76/gram on the stock market. ChaCha!
There are 31.1 grams of silver in a troy ounce (NOT 28.3, as in a standard ounce). Take the current price per ounce and divide by 31.1. You can find the current price per troy ounce
Silver is sold by the troy ounce. Troy weight is an old system of weights and measures that was developed in the Middle Ages in Troyes, France. A troy pound consists of 12 troy ounces
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