How much is 14 karat gold worth?


According to, using the price of gold as of June 3, 2014 ($1,244 per ounce), 1 gram of 14 karat gold is worth $23.33. The price of gold varies depending on the state of the economy and supply and demand.

The karat unit of measurement is a form of measuring the purity of gold out of 24 parts. Therefore, 24 karat gold is 24/24 (99.95 percent or greater purity), 18 karat gold is 18/24 gold and 6/24 another metal, and so forth. Gold also has a long history as a monetary unit and investment resource. Investors often buy gold to diversify risk.

Q&A Related to "How much is 14 karat gold worth?"
Depends on the weight of it.
Depending on weight a 14 karat gold could be worth from $22.27 upwards.
Maybe $600 total for the pure gold which is inside them. 14 ct is not pure so someone would have to process it first.
The cost of the gold in a 14K bracelet is based on its' weight. 14K is 58.5% pure gold so if gold is $1533 per troy ounce today then the 14k is $896.81 for a troy ounce and that is
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