How much is my stamp worth?


To determine how much your stamp is worth, you will need to know the year of the stamp, what type of stamp it is and also, the overall condition of the stamp. There is an online website that can tell you the value of practically any stamp ever made. For more information, visit:
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Just as in any collector's collection the value of the collection or what's in the collection is: What someone is willing to pay for it. There are stamp catalogues that you can purchase
With the postal increase on January 4, 2010 the current cost of a first class stamp will set you back 44 cents for a one ounce letter. The cost increases per ounce.
You can purchase a postage stamp for 44 cents. You can also purchase the forever stamps for 44 cents but the nice thing about them is they are good 'forever' even if the cost of stamps
Postage stamps cost fourty four cents. The cost of stamps increases about every two years. You can purchase the forever stamp, it can still be used after the cost of stamps increases
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The only way to know what your stamp is worth is to know what the stamp is. The value will differ depending on the age, condition, and rarity of the stamp.
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The value of any particular stamp depends on the age of the stamp, the condition that it's in, and how rare it is. For example, a mint condition 1992 Elvis Presley ...
Depending on the Kt. the gold is, will depend on what it is worth. It can range anywhere from 5.95-60.00. If it is only gold plated it will be worth less money ...
An Eisenhower stamp is generally worth nothing if you wish to sell it. There is no significance of the stamp unless it is an error in some form. That is how stamps ...
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