How Much is my Wrist Watch Worth?


The worth of a wrist watch is impossible to tell based on the information given. Some watches are worth nothing but sentimental value while others are worth quite a bit. It would depend on the brand and model to know for sure. You can always visit a watch store and they would be able to examine the piece and give an accurate quote.
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A Relic 3 ATM wrist watch would sell online for between $25 and $40
$10-15. Tops. Why is this posted in tattoos?
1. Check the JoJo bids on eBay. Examine the going prices for approximately 50 watches on sale at most times. Prices can range from under $100 to several thousand dollars, depending
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The value or worth of your wristwatch will depend on two factors - the condition and the manufacturer of the watch. Some watches are worth as little as $10, while others can top $10,000!
The value of your wrist watch depends on its quality and brand. Luxurious wrist watches are the most expensive ones such as the Rolex and Tag Heuer, especially those with additive gems.
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