How Much is Our Money Worth in Paris France?


The amount of money that our currency is worth in Paris France fluctuates daily. Paris uses the Euro for their money as do many of the European countries. As of March 9, 2010 the conversion was $1 equals .7349 Euros. On the day you want to exchange your dollars for Euros you will need to check the exchange rate. You can find out more information here:
Q&A Related to "How Much is Our Money Worth in Paris France?"
Worth of 10 U.S. Dollars in Paris, France 9-10 euros
1.00 United States Dollar is equal to 4.71497 French Francs.
Right now 1.34 dollars will buy you a Euro. So, figure out how much you usually spend on stuff then add 40% (just to be safe). Since you're asking such a quesion you probably don't
French francs used to be about 6 or 7 to the dollar. France now uses the euro. Or did you mean Swiss francs, or Congolese francs, or something else?
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