How Much Is a 1935 Dollar Bill Worth?


The 1935 dollar bill is worth anywhere from $9.00 to $270.00 in December of 2011. The 1935 dollar bill can be purchased at the auction website called eBay.
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Your 1935 dollar should be apprised by a professional. Thanks for a...
You have an interesting piece of history. These bills were specially printed for use by troops in North Africa, and had a different color seal so they could be demonetized if any
1935 - 2009 (74 yrs) Time Deposit - 10% (1 + 10%74 years = $1,156.27 in today's value (if you have really put it in the bank 74yrs back) If you're talking about sentimental / collector's
Very likely what you have is not a standard U.S. one dollar bill but a silver certificate which was used as currency just like regular banknotes but could be redeemed for a silver
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To find how much a 1935 dollar bill is worth, you have to get it appraised. Simply visit an appraising shop that specializes in vintage currency. You can also check the Internet for sites that appraise old dollars and coins.
Since there has been printed a few different series of the 1935 dollar bill, you have to exam which one you are referring to. There is the dollar bill with the golden print 'In God We Trust' worth between $5 to $18. Then there are others like series 1935 A or G and the 1935 Silver Certificate you looking at anywhere from $3 to all the way in $100's.
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